Monday, January 23, 2006

My really meaning of the Friend

Can you imagine the life without friend? Have you ever taste the really meaning of the friend? A lot of people didn’t try it, but I did with my best friend. He always shows me the really meaning of the friend. My best friend is name Salah.
Salah is the best and the greatest friend for me. He is 20 years old, and he is from UAE. He has honey eyes and curly, brown hair. He is heavy shape and handsome. He is soccer player in Abu Dubai club. He is a good player, so he plays soccer very well. The first really meaning of the friend Salah showed me is when I came to the Untied Stats, I was thinking if he will forget me or not. But he really surprised me because he was the first person called me when I arrived to the U.S.A. The second example is when I went back to our country, so I needed some one to drop me to my house. I called Salah, and I told him about my problem, even though it was the second time I talked with him when I came to the USA. See what he said for me “don’t worry about that, I‘ll drop you to your house and anytime if you wanna something just call me” Although he needs to arrive to the airport like 3 hours. That’s really great to find friend as Salah, and I think he is rare person in the world.
Finally, there are some important things you have to know if you want to taste the really meaning of the friend. First of all, be careful and make decision before choosing your best friend. Second, you have to test your best friend when you really need something. Last of all; always try to make your best friend happy because you will need it in the future. Today, I really can’t imagine the life without the friend.

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